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!~~~~My Astronomy statusses~~~~!

Astronomy Exp: 1.0016865 Stars: 0 Planets: 0 Inspiration: 341.324414716

@ Astronomy Exp. 15 Star discoveries
@ Astronomy Exp. 100 planets discoveries

Astronomy Exp: 38.414425 Stars: 19 Planets: 0 Inspiration: 630.267558524

EBE-4 whispers: Greatings Earthling and welcome to the Astronomy Observatory, I’m EBE-4, Others call me Aryll. If you gather me Astronomic Data on 10 Stars, I’ll give you something only found on my world, Element 115!, but you must be focused, have atleast 100 Inteligence and give me Data on 10 Stars!

EBE-4 whispers: Aryll gives you 1 Kg of Sacred Stone! You gain IsBe Perception!
EBE-4 whispers: Stars: 13 Element 115: 1 Kg Focus: 0
EBE-4 whispers: Thank you GiovanniStark Katana ,if you gather more Star data let me be aware of it, don’t let your research fall into the wrong hands!There are many against our kind! Trust no one!
EBE-4 whispers: Here is a Communications tool to help you in your research!

Alien Communicator: GiovanniStark Katana’s Stats
Astronomy Exp: 40.2811
Intelligence: 100.046
Is-Be Perception: 5
Inspiration: 646.150501665
Stars: 13
Planets: 0
Element 115: 1 Kg.
Alien Communicator: ====

GiovanniStark Katana’s Stats
Alien Communicator: Astronomy Exp: 102.679
Intelligence: 100.184
Is-Be Perception: 10
Inspiration: 1079.39329749
Stars: 58
Planets: 2
Element 115: 2 Kg.
Alien Communicator: ====