Weekly Stone Mason Contest

You will receive a Stone Mason Point every time you mine up Stone using a Stone Pick axe, Crafted Stone Pick axe, Tiny Pick axe (crafted), or Mining Sword! You can accumulate more points by mining at HQ’s Contest Rock. Contest ends weekly every Saturday afternoon! Good luck and Happy Mining!


Last Weeks Winners

Rank SL Name Stonemason Points Item Prize L$ Prize
#1 LeighlaFae Resident 572 Holy Pickaxe L$ 115.4
#2 canthearyou Resident 299 Pumpkin Spiced Latte L$ 60.8
#3 ensian Resident 279 Farmer Sickle L$ 56.8
#4 GiovanniStark Katana 183 Machete L$ 37.6
#5 kardinlouis Resident 34 Treelie Treeaxe L$ 7.8
#6 HeaveyD Resident 8 Carton of Milk L$ 2.6
#7 royyalk Resident 6 none L$ 2.2
#8 Feefifoo Dean 3 none L$ 1.6
#9 benny1560 Resident 2 none L$ 1.4

+L Bonuses