WWA Developer’s Log

April 7th, 2022:

Tied crypto mining system with 6L Pickaxes!

April 6th, 2022:

Created npc Crypto Chris in lobby to handle withdraws to Coinbase

Created npc Coinbase Grace to set your Coinbase email for withdraws

April 5th, 2022:

Created a crypto mining system.

Tied system with one Webwork Laptop in Lobby for testing.

Created a crypto withdraw system that uses free transport payment piggybacks to send micro crypto satoshi payments right to your Coinbase account!

March 20, 2022:

Took the advanced crafting features of the advanced crafting machine and added it to the crafting machine in the church.

Moved the astronomy professions telescope to the roof of the HQ building.

Moved Alien EBE 4 to the roof of the HQ building.

Telescope now displays skill requirements.

Cleared out the old stone mason lodge land area.

Converted the land area to Metaverse Web Traffic Exchange.

Added a table with 8 networked Webwork laptops Terminal A-H to MWTE area.

Added the URL Earl NPC to MWTE area.

Created a splash page image for MWTE.

March 19, 2022:

Added another webwork terminal in Lobby

Streamlined the webwork page.

March 17, 2022:

Added 3 webwork terminals at HQ 2nd Floor and one in Lobby.

March 16, 2022:

created a ‘point system’ for the rotator

designed/created a database to store user URLs

added a ‘point system’ to the rotator to track views and credits

Created an NPC URL Earl in lobby to take user URLs.

Tied user URL to display in miners hat

Created Webwork EXP and webwork daily count and tied them to miners hat

We now have a working, completely SL based, web traffic exchange!

March 15, 2022:

Created the new “Webwork” profession.

Tied the webwork page to the SL webwork laptop

March 13, 2022:

created a webpage using the link rotator and code gen system

tied the code gen system with SL via a webwork laptop activity

March 12, 2022:

Created a code generation system that verifies webpage visits

Created a link rotator tied to code gen system

March 9, 2022:

Finished recoding files in prep for migration to PHP 7.4 & MySQLi.

Created a backup fail safe.

Deployed all recoded files to the live server.

Migrated server to PHP 7.4!

Tested mining, it works!!!

March 8, 2022:

Recoded a few hundred more files, (only 200 to go!), in prep for migration to PHP 7.4 & MySQLi.

March 7, 2022:

Recoded a few hundred more files in prep for migration to PHP 7.4 & MySQLi.

March 6, 2022:

Recoded a few hundred more files in prep for migration to PHP 7.4 & MySQLi.

March 5, 2022:

Copied all server mining simulation files to test bed server for recoding, 1436 files.

Recoded 400+ files in prep for migration to PHP 7.4 & MySQLi.

March 4, 2022:

Updated the FAQ page.

Added pictures to the FAQ page.

Added new title image to the FAQ page.

March 3, 2022:

Increased to flight speed of the asteroid mining ship.

Adjusted loot rate of the space helmet at space rock.

Took pictures of many activities for the website.

March 2, 2022:

Added chair in lobby for WWAgroup.

WWAgroup now greets each visitor with a welcome IM.

March 1, 2022:

Adjusted fruit Basket weaving system.

Removed need for explorer exp for fruit collection.

Feb 27, 2022:

Added current price of bitcoin to display behind counter in lobby refreshes ever 30 sec.

Added current price of L$ to display behind counter in lobby refreshes ever 30 sec.

Added stone wall with 2 doorways to separate HQ from player market areas.

Adjusted dirt pile bonuses to 1-10kg.

Added signs above each doorway in front wall showing player market areas.

Feb 26, 2022:

website SEO.

Feb 25, 2022:

Added a top digging leaderboard to website.

edited website and removed some unneeded plugins.

increased load speed of website by over 50%.

Feb 24, 2022:

Tied Digging systems to group global system.

added bonuses to piles; 5kg to 20kg.

created a new Cindy NPC in HQ Lobby.

coded Cindy to hand out free shovel for 1 inspiration point.

coded Cindy to give out pickaxes for 50 Dirt.

updated treadmills to not take or require health to gain inspiration.

tied Cindy NPC to group global system.

added a Dirt pile outside of HQ building.

Feb 23, 2022:

Created new tool the shovel.

Created new profession digging.

Created Dirt Piles.

Created Resource Dirt.

Coded dirt/digging/pile/shovel systems.

Tied digging stats to the miner’s hat output.

Feb 22, 2022:

rewrote bills to have a smaller memory footprint.

made bills “stealable” from other players during collection phase.

added Sim wide ability for avatars to be able to “push” each other.

tied basket weaving to global chat system.

rewrote swim/search/dive to have a smaller memory footprint.

tied all aquatics systems to global chat system.

added 50 new custom bill spawn locations and unique group global feedback.

reduced crafting machine bootup time.

Feb 21, 2022:

adjusted all handsaws to give out a much higher bonus rate, focus bonuses have also been increased.

rewrote campfire free health system and greatly reduced its already reduced time cycle.

fixed a rare bug in bills that would say it couldn’t connect to server even though it did.

made bills spawn in the church area.

Feb 20, 2022:

Greatly reduced time cycles for many activities including warming by fires, exercise on treadmill, milking cows, feeding chickens, and flour mill.

Rewrote crafting system and split the system into 2 parts, one machine focused on bringing resources from stats to bowls/bags with 5x bulk option, and another focused-on tool crafting.

Tools can now only be crafted on the crafting machine in the church.

Tied Tool Crafting system with the Group Global system.

Feb 19, 2022:

Tied Bill Press system with the Group Global system.

Tied warm by fire system with the Group Global system.

Feb 18, 2022:

Tied treadmills exercise system with the Group Global system.

Tied praying system with the Group Global system.

Feb 17, 2022:

Tied wheat mill system with the Group Global system.

Feb 16, 2022:

Tied milking cows system with the Group Global system.

Tied feeding chickens system with the Group Global system.

Feb 15, 2022:

Moved all NPCs to HQ Ground Floor except for Farmer Green Jeans NPC

Feb 14, 2022:

audited all objects in HQ building upper floors for sitable surfaces to keep players from circumventing elevator use.

Feb 13, 2022:

Drastically reduced the cost of crafting Bills;

10 Bills = 1 L$ + 1 Inspiration point!

Feb 12, 2022:

Updated the FAQ!

Updated Bill Presses so they mint multiple Bills per crafting cycle!

Feb 11, 2022:
Updated Bill Collector system.
Created a Bill Collectors leaderboard on site.

Feb 9, 2022;
Fixed a bug that only effected players that haven’t played yet, before this the only way a new player could have their character sheet created by the server was by using the base mining hat or base pickaxe, but this update changes that!
All items/tools/crafting machines, resource bowls, and activities now create a character/skill sheet for new players. This will streamline the player experience by being able to give/sell tools/resources to non-players making them players on the fly.
Activated 3x Apple Tree at WWA Farms!

Feb 4, 2022;

Moved the 7x Salt Rocks to Caves area

Moved Salty Sal NPC to Caves area

Added sign to make it easier to find the mining cart hub area

Changed lighting in Hell to give it a more eerie look

Added a glow to the lava

Updated and funded the 3X Fire rock

Increased Fire Gem drop rate by 30%

Feb 3, 2022;

Color coded Mining Carts to make it easier to find wanted destination. For example Blue carts now end their routes at WWA Farms. There are Blue, Green, Purple, and Wood Mining Carts that all start behind the Church.

Moved the Corn Field to WWA Farms

Moved Farmer Greenjeans NPC to WWA Farms

Added and funded a 3X Apple Tree at WWA Farms!

Jan. 30, 2022:

Redid live ingame Radio station with cloud server!
Linked radio station to all WWA HQ areas.
Updated group chat Global announcement server.
Redid “Space Rock” area visuals from scratch.
Increased the Space Helmet drop rate at space rock by 30%.
Increased the 1x Stone rock bonus hit ability rate by 50%.
Increased the 2x Coal rock bonus hit ability by 20%.

Jan. 2, 2022:

Finalized mining cart transport system.
Added ‘squeeky wheel’ sound FX to carts.
Redid the Kitchen, cave and forest areas visual layouts from scratch.

Moved Kitchen (Fridge, Freezer, Stoves etc.) to 1st Floor of HQ Building!
Added a new WWA Farms area to the cart location/destination lists.
Moved the chickens and cow to the WWA Farms area!
Moved the Wheat Grinder to WWA Farms area!

Jan. 1, 2022 :

Start a DevLog!!  (was a Newyear’s res;)