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SL Mining is here!

       The SL Mining VRMMORPG is a mining simulation game built on the Second Life platform. Players yield resources and Lindens, (real $), by Pick-mining rocks, Lumber-jacking, Smelting, Researching, Cooking, Eating, Praying, Exercising, Swimming, Snorkeling, Deep-sea diving, Astronomy, Star Data Research, Planetary Data Research,  Alien EBE Interaction, ISBE Perception Research, Crafting, Trading, and so much more.

       The concept of the mining system goes much deeper then most realize at first, because unlike most Second Life land traffic system games, the land owners/rock owners aren’t just the purchasers of land traffic, they are part of the game and can use the Land Owner point system to access unique items to sell to visitors or use themselves.The skills and stats they gain help to produce and sell picks and other craft-able tools to other players, offsetting traffic costs and eventually profiting with benefit of the traffic too.

Read the FAQ!


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For best Mining game results & performance, use the LL or FireStorm SL Viewer!
For best Webgame results & performance, use the Firefox Web Browser!
We have 40 live video feeds into our VR world on site and can be seen on top left corner on most pages on this site.

Webgame Currently in Alpha

Everyone in the Webgame starts with a 30 Second timer, but timers decrease as you get to higher floors of the Access Business Center 14 Story office/apartment building!