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      Tom Bozzi

      When changing your Online Status within Second Life, the communication of objects you receive will be disrupted in some ways. As an example, when an ‘Unavailable’ or ‘Away’ player attempts to use the Crafting Machine, they will commonly fail to receive the object they retrieved, however, your resource stats still reduce accordingly.

      The reason for this is because when you change your Online Status, you in affect block some of SL Mining Simulation functions, not limited to crafting object, but also failing to receive bonus resources (objects) from the contest as well as resources that other players give to you in chat. Not only does a change of online status affect a players receiving of message notifications, it also has an affect on retrieval of objects produced using certain functions of the system such as crafting. There’s an exemption to when you are picking at a rock – Linden Dollar (L$) and resource yields are not affected by a change of online status because these functions originate from a different server and database, separate from the Second Life platform which SL Mining Simulation utilises. Therefore, it is safe to mine at a rock whilst having an ‘Unavailable’ communication preference active and you will still receive your L$ payout, directly from the rock and resource bonus yields per click, as usual.

      As a response to how common this is, SL Mining Simulation may create a policy whereby players who block the simulations systems, unknowingly, will be unable to retrieve what they have lost from their own misunderstanding, lack of research and mistakes. This particular issue is not the responsibility of SL Mining Simulation, responsibility lies with the player.

      To be extra safe and secure, make sure that when you are taking part in SL Mining Simulation, your Online status remains ‘Available’ so that you do not loose out on what you have earned or what’s rightfully yours

      Thank You. Happy Mining!

      Tom Bozzi: Simulation Moderator

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