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      Tech Support

      This is a short write up on what SL Mining means to you. What do you like about it? How has it helped you? What professions drive you? What are your plans/strategies?

      5 will be picked to receive a special Coffee drink prize using the new “Sip System” being introduced with the new Barista Profession!!

      Enjoy and good luck!

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      I am 7 months old in s/l and my first 5 months was spent fishing. Fishing was good because I could simply click every minute while I read a book or watched a movie but after awhile though the income was good I became bored with it.
      One time I saw a buoy available I hadn’t tried so I went there to fish and saw people mining at the contest rock. Another was milking the cow. I became interested.
      It was very challenging for me at first and I constantly asked questions in order to learn how to do things to get started. There was one person who took me under her wing and showed me step by step how to get going.
      Since then many good changes have occurred including a mini-FAQ card, more helpful people I’ve met since then, and my going premium so I could get a place to vendor my mining spoils and crafted goods.
      What a fascinating sim this is where I’m constantly finding new things to do. I never realized when I first started what an in depth game this really was and if not for discovering this mining sim I might have dropped out of second life altogether.
      If you’re new I encourage you to not give up. If you’re having any trouble understanding something simply ask in group chat and usually someone will know the answer to your question and be glad to help.
      Happy mining 🙂

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      SL Mining is an awesome game with a good variety of things to do. It is quite relaxing working on your stats or building up your resources. Building stats and resources take a very long time, but with a little patience, you will improve the stats and resource returns will keep getting better and better.

      On the other end of the time scale, the Linden bonuses are instantly paid directly as you get them. NO waiting, No ATM to find. Playing can be as simple as buying a stone pickaxe and some food, clicking axe by rock, use profits to buy next pickaxe and repeat. You profit from the start, and earnings are comparable to other means of free Lindens in Second Life.

      Exploring the many professions can be beneficial to you in the long run. Starting with the rock mining and lumberjack professions are good choices. Then read the FAQ, ask questions. The players will help if able(there are many hidden things). Take your time and enjoy!. Set your own personal goals.

      And Happy Mining!

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      Tom Bozzi

      SL Mining Simulation is my pick of one of the best traffic generators and simulation system within Second Life.

      To me, I believe the system is the sole reason I stuck around and continued on Second Life because of how unique and a one-of-a-kind it is. In my opinion, one of the best features is the ability to participate on a variety of professions and virtual activities, such as, Mining, Tree Chopping (Lumberjack), Farming, Crafting and more. I am able to gain resources appropriate to these professions and at the same time, receive payouts in Linden Dollar (L$) directly, immediately (removing the need of collection for an ATM) – this is one of the main aspects of which I find attractive as it offers simplicity and ease. I appreciate the fact that it requires little effort to operate and participate in-world.

      I don’t have a personal favourite profession because each one has it’s benefits – each has its uses in terms of resources, experience and stats gained. This enables participants to formulate a strategy because of how interconnected the virtual activities are, each profession compliments and works hand-in-hand with each other.
      My ‘formula’ or strategy includes building stats of a profession that compliments another profession (the next profession I ‘grind’ on).

      Currently, I’m building up my Lumberjack stats to compliment the mining profession – obtaining sufficient amounts of the resource (wood) which is needed to craft the majority of tools of the simulation. Once my Lumberjack level reaches to at least 100 and is balanced to my Mining level of 109, I hope that being proficient in each profession will enable me to gather resources and produce tools fast and efficiently. To me, Mining, Tree Chopping (Lumberjack) and Crafting professions compliment each other the most and in my opinion, having decent stats of both at a high level, will serve as a strong ‘core’ basis to propelling me further and faster into other aspects of the system. Also, another useful aim is to have a high level of attributes because of my realisation that attributes (Spirit, Strength, Dexterity, etc) serve as a strong basis of becoming proficient in all professions – each attribute, one way or another, actually increases your resource and stat yields (per-click) in every profession.

      I appreciate the way in which SL Mining Simulation enables me to escape, deep into another ‘dimension’ away from the real world and real life. The system offers me a door that enables me to participate in virtual tasks and activity with such ease and simplicity, doing things and communicating online with others – somethings of which I’m unable and incompetent of, in real life. In many ways, the system gives opportunities for those which have mental or physical disability, issues, closed doors and barriers of real life – in a sense, it offers a form of escapism in whichever way you find useful. I like the fact that SL Mining Simulation simulates the real world in a role-playing virtual environment.

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      (I’m not the best writer and have only used a fourm one other time.. i apologize ahead of time for gramacal and spelling mistakes I will do my best…)”SecondLife Mining Simulator” to me is pretty simply a source of inspiration
      More in depth.. I’d start with I have skitzofreina and mpd (d.i.d.) I dont leave my house very often and I dont let people in very well either but I’ve always enjoyed art and i have recently picked up 3d modeling with the idea of making a hex based isometric tactics game and while reading about 3d modeling I discover secondlife and I joined purely with the intent of learning both some scripting and modeling (meshes by preference dont know much of prims) and well I got to secondlife and it was a huge place i felt lost and no idea how to go about my journey after a while Irelzed there where alot of activtys to do so I picked one being I really like mining that’s what I searched and I happened onto this simulator

      Begin my life as a miner;at this point I was pretty much just here trying to have a bit of fun and learn how everything works in the world threw just interaction. I very quickly stated enjoying it all maybe a little to much and just exsized away while reading threw the forums completely delighted by the way this market worked and how all the models and textures made up this world I ventured into the “fow’ series and much enjoyed the lesson…resently a fellow miner needed help with a script and knowing nothing I desired it was perfect way to learn by helping someone else with a set task a few hours of reading I was loving sls as a concept and starting to make since of it and I figured out what they needed it was my first job in second life and it felt amazing to help someone and feel apart of something I dont get that much I struggle with finding any inspiration and since I’ve joined I’ve found it by the *minecraft full* I love everything about it even how long the skills take I’m not really hear for lindens but have to say the reward system feels satisfying and I love the particle effects very well placed and add to the immersion… I have made 1000x the progress at my creative goals and practice much seeing this world as refrence

      I really hope to keep growing with you all as a community and would like to help in anyway I can
      I would only consider my self a novice yet in 3d assets creation but I hope I can one day get good enough to make models for this sim maybe but I have long to go
      *Thank you everone for all the work into making this place as amazing as it is. Happy mining*

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      There are a lot of ways to earn Lindens, in-world. Traffic generation systems are some of the most popular. But there’s something missing, when you bounce around at random, focused entirely on the next payout; it becomes a job.

      Second Life should be a game!

      SL Mining is more than just another way to line your virtual pockets, although it’s certainly a great way to do that. I’ve never had to do something else, because I was bored of Work With Access. There is so much to do, within the sim, that I can completely change up my pace (from exploring, to researching, to mining, to dancing) and I’m always doing something productive.

      Even when I plow away tirelessly at one task, I’m always opening new doors. Experience in one skill unlocks another. My yields are always going up, as my stats grow. In the beginning, I could keep all my profits, by crafting my own replacement tools. Now, I’ve got enough resources and crafting experience, that I can make all the tools I need and have some left over to sell, at an excellent price, to other players.

      The more people get involved, the more abundant resources will become. It’s the only traffic system I’ve found, which actually turns the economy over to the players. We have the tools and resources. We set the prices.

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