Crafted Chainsaw


Description: The Crafted Chain Saw is a specialty crafted tool in the Lumberjack Profession to amplify your current stats for higher wood production yield. Since it only amplifies current skills, its not recomended to be used by a beginer jumberjack! You do not gain skills using this tool. This tool requires health to be used, 0.38 Health per cycle.

Durability: 100

Optimal Agility Range: N/A

Agility Range Boost Periods: N/A

Crafting Recipe:  20 Stone + 10 TreeSap + 15 Coal + 8 Tin

Crafting Req:  Crafting Exp:  500    Intel: 25    Jumberjack EXP : 800

Specialty: 3.6X Wood Production.

L$ Yield Ability:  N/A

Resource Ability: Wood