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      If you’re looking for a great place to load up on resources, do some skilling, maybe chat with others who might be there….this is the place to go!

      It’s located on the locations page as well, but I’ll give you a rundown on what you can find here 😉

      Swimming-beginner, advanced AND diving, in an awesome underwater area(there’s a teleporter right there…hop on, and join me, I’m usually underwater!)

      Mining-4x rocks even!!

      Lumberjacks-there are Christmas trees(get out those saws, you can earn lindens ladies and gentlemen!) you can cut-with or without budget, even a great big palm tree(regular tree…but it’s prettier!)

      Cooking-get those cooking skills up

      Coolers-aka, fridge and freezer

      Blossom-aka..the cow, yes you can cut down some leaves with your saw, wander right on over to blossom and milk her, then head to the kitchen to make butter…NO elevators or weird tp issues to deal with 😀

      Eatery-Park your bottom at one of the lovely tables and eat, eat, eat, til your heart…or HP, is full 😉 (visit the resource stalls if you need something to eat, and can’t make it yourself)

      Exercise-get that dexterity and strength up on the treadmills or bikes

      Dancing-oooo get your groove on, increase your dexterity while you’re at it!

      Warm up by the fire-Feeling a lil low on health? Increase your HP while you sit and chat by the cozy fire

      RESOURCES!!!-You get resources…and YOU get resources…and YOUUUUUU get resources….everybody gets resources!!! We have LOADS of resources here…just about anything you need, you can buy here…if we don’t have it out, just ask, one of us probably has it and is nearly always willing to sell. You’ll find the best prices on these tables 😀

      There is probably more that I have forgotten, I’m just so excited to share.

      Come on by and join us sometime, you’ll find nearly everything you need to be successful here at Pove’s…including great company….even if it’s just lil ole me and my pup…plus Skittles, the kitty cat, and she’s hilarious

      Shortly, I will be placing out a “Beginner’s guide” to better help all of my fellow weary workers. It will have loads of information on everything I know about this game..and some I didn’t know, but got hep with. As info changes, updates will be made to the guide box. It is my hope to help enable players, new and old, with their journey. The more we grow, the more the game grows…and knowledge is power 😉

      Here’s your free ride…

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