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      It was due to Kira mentioning how “[She] don’t think a blacksmith is plausible”, that I began to think and come to the conclusion that is equally as plausible to have a blacksmith as it is to have a miner.

      You may wonder, “well if there is a blacksmith, then there is no point in creating tools”, or you may think “a blacksmith will just mess with the already functioning community in a negative impact.” I shall spread my ideas as to how a black smith can benefit the community and how the profession works along with everything.

      Let me start with the basics. The blacksmith is there to repair tools and you know this. OK, so how can you go about repairing the tools without causing the tool makers to go out of business? Just like in real life, what happens when a chair leg is broken. You fix it, but at the cost of it being weaker. So the Blacksmith will repair a tool, but only for a loss in overall durability. One item can only be repaired so many times before it fully breaks and is no longer functional. So my thoughts….

      Blacksmith: Tools Required
      -Work bench: This will be like the Miners Cap or the Explorers hat and be for keeping track of resources. (Black smith EXP, Wood, Steal, tree sap, gold… pretty much-every material used to create tools.)

      Blacksmith: Specialty
      -The blacksmith will be able to repair tools using about 2/3rds of the material to make the full item.
      -A repaired tool will only have a portion of the durability of the brand new item.
      -A tool that is repaired due to being cheaper to repair and being less durable adds a few seconds to each use of the item.

      The specialty is how the item will fit in without messing with the economy. So people would need to decide, should I repair an item to save on material or should I buy a new item. This decision is what keeps the economy running and allows the poorer players to still have tools as well as richer players to decide if they are fine taking more time or just junking a tool.

      This can also benefit new players in that if they wanted they can pay a blacksmith a smaller fee if they are unable to buy a much better item so for instance:

      A new player received a golden axe from player A. The new player used the golden axe and progressed OK. Well now the new player needs a new axe but was unable to get the resources need to repair the golden axe, and didn’t make enough to re-buy the golden axe. He could by the stone axe, but he would also like to reuse the golden axe. So the new player goes to player B, a blacksmith. Player B charges him for the material used to repair and informs him of the cost in repairing a said tool.Now new player must decide: A)accept the cost of repairing, or B) Re-buying a different axe.

      A) He accepts the costs and pays 2/3rds the price of a fully functioning golden axe, but he has less durability as well as a slower ROT (Rate of Return) in resources

      B) He decides to buy the stone axe thus he spent (lets just assume a little less then repair) and has less durability then repair, but his ROT (Rate of Return) in resources is faster.

      This could be a strategic way to include depth by having a player choose, is it better to repair, or should I just buy a new one. Thanks for taking the time to read this simi-insiteful view of one of my ideas.

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