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    Strength & Exercise exp

    You can find treadmills and bicycles at Headquarters near reception desk.
    Before you want to hit the bicycles you need strength exp at 15+
    then you can go for bicycles to gain exercise Exp.
    At 50-60 exercise exp you start finding sneaker parts wich you can craft the sneakers. They are also available to win in the stoners contest.

    Sneakers shows exercise and strength statusses Inclusief how much water you have (see chopping tree). Here example what the sneakers show from Giovanni->

    Excercise Sneaker Right: GiovanniStark Katana’s Stats
    Agility: 57.8825
    Strength: 81.8334
    Exercise Exp: 94.2124
    Health: 95.287
    Sneaker Right: Focus: Off
    Water: 33.6322 Ltrs
    Sneaker Parts: 0.4

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