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      This will be an all-encompassed topic, I’ll include the information I have as a swimmer, and anyone else please add to this. I’ll update regularly as more information becomes available through experience.

      The goal is to help out new players, or folks interested in the game by giving them more info.

      Beginner/Basic balls-These balls are where everyone starts. In order to reach the next level, advanced, you must have at least 12 in aquatics experience. I do not know if there is a dexterity requirement as well, but my personal experience is that there is not. You will build up dexterity quicker by swimming than you can by dancing. On the beginner balls you can also find shrimp. In fact, the beginner balls are the only place you can find shrimp.

      Advanced-This is the next level of swimming. You will reach this level at 12 in aquatics experience. These balls also give dexterity. The drops for these balls include holy gems and snorkel parts(there may be others, I will update my post if there are). Snorkel parts are VERY difficult to find. Though there is no hard confirmed yes or no answer, it is believed(by us swimmers) that you will not find snorkel parts until at least level 30, likely a bit higher than that. You need snorkel parts for diving(which is covered under it’s own topic by Love, marine biology). You need 10 snorkel parts to make a snorkel. There are(as of this time) no seafood drops on advanced balls.

      Diving-Please see the other forum, regarding marine biology for more specific information. You must be level 40 in aquatics and possess a snorkel(which you have already worn) in order to dive.

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