Mining Sword


Description:    The Mining Sword is a specialized mining tool that lets you (AFK) auto-mine. Just stand in front of a rock, click the sword once, and you’ll begin auto-mining and can go AFK. To stop auto-mining, just walk away from the rock. The mining sword uses 0.06 health per swing and cannot be used once you go below 1. This tool requires a tiny bit of health to be used, 0.06 Health per cycle.

Durability: 100

Optimal Agility Range: Agility 0-20

Agility Range Boost Periods:  Agility 50-60 Tin Production Boost

Crafting Recipe:  N/A

Crafting Req:  N/A

Specialty:  AFK Mining, Unknown / Tin Production.

L$ Yield Ability:  12L$ on a 4X Rock