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I am 7 months old in s/l and my first 5 months was spent fishing. Fishing was good because I could simply click every minute while I read a book or watched a movie but after awhile though the income was good I became bored with it.
One time I saw a buoy available I hadn’t tried so I went there to fish and saw people mining at the contest rock. Another was milking the cow. I became interested.
It was very challenging for me at first and I constantly asked questions in order to learn how to do things to get started. There was one person who took me under her wing and showed me step by step how to get going.
Since then many good changes have occurred including a mini-FAQ card, more helpful people I’ve met since then, and my going premium so I could get a place to vendor my mining spoils and crafted goods.
What a fascinating sim this is where I’m constantly finding new things to do. I never realized when I first started what an in depth game this really was and if not for discovering this mining sim I might have dropped out of second life altogether.
If you’re new I encourage you to not give up. If you’re having any trouble understanding something simply ask in group chat and usually someone will know the answer to your question and be glad to help.
Happy mining 🙂