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Tom Bozzi

SL Mining Simulation is my pick of one of the best traffic generators and simulation system within Second Life.

To me, I believe the system is the sole reason I stuck around and continued on Second Life because of how unique and a one-of-a-kind it is. In my opinion, one of the best features is the ability to participate on a variety of professions and virtual activities, such as, Mining, Tree Chopping (Lumberjack), Farming, Crafting and more. I am able to gain resources appropriate to these professions and at the same time, receive payouts in Linden Dollar (L$) directly, immediately (removing the need of collection for an ATM) – this is one of the main aspects of which I find attractive as it offers simplicity and ease. I appreciate the fact that it requires little effort to operate and participate in-world.

I don’t have a personal favourite profession because each one has it’s benefits – each has its uses in terms of resources, experience and stats gained. This enables participants to formulate a strategy because of how interconnected the virtual activities are, each profession compliments and works hand-in-hand with each other.
My ‘formula’ or strategy includes building stats of a profession that compliments another profession (the next profession I ‘grind’ on).

Currently, I’m building up my Lumberjack stats to compliment the mining profession – obtaining sufficient amounts of the resource (wood) which is needed to craft the majority of tools of the simulation. Once my Lumberjack level reaches to at least 100 and is balanced to my Mining level of 109, I hope that being proficient in each profession will enable me to gather resources and produce tools fast and efficiently. To me, Mining, Tree Chopping (Lumberjack) and Crafting professions compliment each other the most and in my opinion, having decent stats of both at a high level, will serve as a strong ‘core’ basis to propelling me further and faster into other aspects of the system. Also, another useful aim is to have a high level of attributes because of my realisation that attributes (Spirit, Strength, Dexterity, etc) serve as a strong basis of becoming proficient in all professions – each attribute, one way or another, actually increases your resource and stat yields (per-click) in every profession.

I appreciate the way in which SL Mining Simulation enables me to escape, deep into another ‘dimension’ away from the real world and real life. The system offers me a door that enables me to participate in virtual tasks and activity with such ease and simplicity, doing things and communicating online with others – somethings of which I’m unable and incompetent of, in real life. In many ways, the system gives opportunities for those which have mental or physical disability, issues, closed doors and barriers of real life – in a sense, it offers a form of escapism in whichever way you find useful. I like the fact that SL Mining Simulation simulates the real world in a role-playing virtual environment.