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(I’m not the best writer and have only used a fourm one other time.. i apologize ahead of time for gramacal and spelling mistakes I will do my best…)”SecondLife Mining Simulator” to me is pretty simply a source of inspiration
More in depth.. I’d start with I have skitzofreina and mpd (d.i.d.) I dont leave my house very often and I dont let people in very well either but I’ve always enjoyed art and i have recently picked up 3d modeling with the idea of making a hex based isometric tactics game and while reading about 3d modeling I discover secondlife and I joined purely with the intent of learning both some scripting and modeling (meshes by preference dont know much of prims) and well I got to secondlife and it was a huge place i felt lost and no idea how to go about my journey after a while Irelzed there where alot of activtys to do so I picked one being I really like mining that’s what I searched and I happened onto this simulator

Begin my life as a miner;at this point I was pretty much just here trying to have a bit of fun and learn how everything works in the world threw just interaction. I very quickly stated enjoying it all maybe a little to much and just exsized away while reading threw the forums completely delighted by the way this market worked and how all the models and textures made up this world I ventured into the “fow’ series and much enjoyed the lesson…resently a fellow miner needed help with a script and knowing nothing I desired it was perfect way to learn by helping someone else with a set task a few hours of reading I was loving sls as a concept and starting to make since of it and I figured out what they needed it was my first job in second life and it felt amazing to help someone and feel apart of something I dont get that much I struggle with finding any inspiration and since I’ve joined I’ve found it by the *minecraft full* I love everything about it even how long the skills take I’m not really hear for lindens but have to say the reward system feels satisfying and I love the particle effects very well placed and add to the immersion… I have made 1000x the progress at my creative goals and practice much seeing this world as refrence

I really hope to keep growing with you all as a community and would like to help in anyway I can
I would only consider my self a novice yet in 3d assets creation but I hope I can one day get good enough to make models for this sim maybe but I have long to go
*Thank you everone for all the work into making this place as amazing as it is. Happy mining*